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Dr. Spieldoch is skilled in performing the Essure procedure, which offers permanent birth control without cutting or burning, without general anethesia, and without hormones.

The procedure can be performed in the comfort of our office without general anesthesia. Your appointment will take about 45 minutes, and the procedure itself only takes 13 minutes. Most women are able to resume their normal activities within one day of the procedure.

During the Essure procedure, two small flexible micro-inserts™ will be positioned in your fallopian tubes by going in through your vagina, cervix, and uterus. In the three months following the procedure, the micro-inserts will cause your body to create a natural barrier that prevents sperm from reaching the egg. During this time, you must continue using another form of birth control (other than an IUD or IUS). After three months, your doctor will perform a test to confirm that the fallopian tubes are fully blocked and that you can rely on Essure for permanent birth control.

The Essure system was 99.80% effective after 4 years of follow up and has been demonstrated to be 99.74% effective at 5 years follow up.

While Essure is a relatively easy procedure to undergo, please remember that it is a serious decision. Essure is permanent and it is not reversible.

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