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I would like to thank the staff and Dr. Spieldoch for doing such a wonderful job. The ladies in the office are squared away and thorough. Thank you for all your time and patience. Keep up the good work. Stay motivated! May God continue to Bless and keep you all!

(5 / 5)


I work in the same field as you all! Everyone here is awesome and professional; from the front office to the MA (Savannah), and of course Kim (Sonora Qwest) is always sweet and good. But #1 is Dr. Hartzfeld. She was great the first time meeting her and a super nice lady! She’s a keeper!!

(5 / 5)

Carol M

Savannah is amazing. She made my 17 year old so relaxed and comfortable about birth control options. My daughter was so scared coming in but when leaving said “I love her”. Every young girl should come here and seek out such a great office with such wonderful employees such as Savannah.

(5 / 5)

Suzanne R

I want to compliment Dr. Spieldoch and her staff on how pleasant, respectful and considerate they are always, every day and no matter what the situation is.

(5 / 5)


The first thing I noticed about Dr. Rachel Spieldoch was that she was very confident. She made it clear my medical issue was a very common one and would be an “easy fix”. She mentioned that she had done the exact surgery many times and mine was not as progressive as what she had seen before. In short, her confidence gave me confidence that she was the right doctor for the job.

Throughout the next few visits, she was very thorough and spent as much time as needed explaining the surgery to me over and over again. Once I had decided to have the surgery, she included an ultrasound test so we could both make sure there were not any other issues that needed to be addressed during this already scheduled surgery. In fact, she even took the extra precaution to perform a biopsy on an area the ultrasound showed to be in question. Again, I felt confident she was covering all the bases.

Dr. Spieldoch’s staff is very nice and accommodating. Everyone I came into contact with, from the reception desk to the accountant showed me great respect and consideration. All were very helpful and spent as much time as needed to answer all of my questions. I found the office environment to be very pleasant and helpful.

The surgery was a success and I found I had all of the information I needed for post-op issues and questions. At one point, I asked a question on the website and very shortly thereafter I had a call from her office with the answer. My post-op appointment was very informative as well and Dr. Spieldoch explained to me exactly what type of exercises were approved for the 6 week recuperation time period.

I really feel lucky that the doctor that was recommended to me was exactly who I was looking for. I know I will recommend her to all of my friends. I entend to keep her as my doctor going forward due to the fact that I feel is knowledgeable and keeps up to date on the latest medications, procedures and female issues.

Thank you, Dr. Spieldoch! You’re the Best!!

(5 / 5)

Mary G.

My experience with McDowell Mountain Gynecology was wonderful. The entire staff was amazing to me and my family. Liz was especially helpful and wonderfully kind. The entire staff was patient and explained things to me in a way that I could easily understand. IO would definitely recommend McDowell Mountain Gynecology to family and friends.

(5 / 5)

Christina F

I’m so glad I gave Dr. Hartzfeld at McDowell Mountain Gynecology a try. I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, but reached a stall in my treatment. The pain and symptoms were altering life daily. The worst part though was that my previous doctor seemed no longer willing to discuss my symptoms and treatment. It felt very much like; “Well, you have endometriosis, what do you expect?” My requests for hormone treatment and other options were rejected. Eventually, she even stopped returning my calls.

That’s when I switched to Dr. Hartzfeld. She spent over an hour with me the first visit listening to my experiences and diagnosis. She truly cared and never dismissed any of my concerns or beliefs. We brainstormed different treatment options and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel as trapped by my diagnosis.

I know endometriosis has no cure. I will be in treatment for the rest of my life and my journey is far from over. So it’s doctors like Dr Hartzfeld who dedicate time and care to you that really stand out. I felt like my treatment was a discussion again and I had more control.

I am pleased to share that after Dr Hartzfeld made some suggestions and altered some medication, my daily symptoms have subsided enough not to impact my daily life as drastically as it once was. Trust me, from the perspective from a person that had dealt with endometriosis, that is a huge win. I am extremely grateful for Dr Hartzfeld’s expert care and time. I plan to be her patient for a long while and owe her many thanks. It’s worth noting, my partner loves her too and says we owe Dr. Hartzfeld fresh baked cookies every time I go in for an appointment!

(5 / 5)

Jaryn H

McDowell Mountain Gynecology is incredibly lucky to have added such an amazing doctor to their practice. Dr Hartzfeld has been my OB/GYN for many years. I am so excited to be following her to this new practice. Since the first time I called McDowell Mountain Gynecology, I was and have continuously been treated with such respect and professionalism. I am happy to be taken care of by such a wonderful team.

(5 / 5)

Jennifer E.

THE VERY BEST! I had seen Dr. Spieldoch several years back, but then we moved away. When we moved back to Arizona, I could not remember Dr. Spieldoch’s name so I spent a few years seeing other GYNs withoiut satisfaction and my medical issues were never resolved. Frustrated, I literally began driving the streets looking for her until one day, I found her. Dr. Spieldoch is THE BEST! She truly cares. I would drive from one side of Phoenix to the other just to see her!!
(5 / 5)

Emily R

My experience with Dr. Spieldoch and all of the staff at McDowell Mountain Gynecology and Milky Way Anesthesia has been superb! A potentially traumatic experience became very gentle and positive. I wholeheartedly recommend both Dr. Spieldoch of MMG and Dr. Blaha of MWA.
(5 / 5)

Emily R

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