Dr. Spieldoch is very thorough and highly regarded in her field. She treats the entire patient. She includes the patient as an active participant in their own care. She is not arrogant. After carefully explaining the treatment options, she asks “What do you think?” She appreciates the mind-body connection and knows the two cannot be separated. This, combined with the fact that she is a caring human being, allows for the best treatment possible. The great care that my physician provides is matched by her equally caring and efficient staff.

Kim drew blood from me for the pre-op. She has a good personality and is skilled in many ways. Your clinic is inviting, comfortable, attractively decorated and clean.

I will share what I have written with Dr. Arnecke. Last May 2017, she said to me that Dr. Spieldoch is very good and she is correct.

I add that Dr. Spieldoch relates to husbands and families well. My husband felt comfortable enough with her so that he thought it would be okay to break down and cry as she told him I got through the procedure well. I like how Dr. Spieldoch introduced me to the anesthesiologist and her co-worker before they rolled me into the ER.