I am pleased to have an opportunity to share why I think Dr. Spieldoch is wonderful!

On my first visit to see her I mentioned a subtle, new minor abnormality. She listened, examined, and ordered appropriate thorough testing. She found early cancer and removed it surgically before it spread.

Here are the top ten reasons I have chosen Dr. Spieldoch to be my doctor:


  • is wonderful
  • is a good listener
  • is very thorough
  • explains the process
  • found my cancer early
  • expertly surgically removed the cancer with the DaVinci Robotics (no chemo needed)
  • relates
  • understands
  • is efficient
  • cares
  • is compassionate
  • is positive
  • is pleasant
  • has excellent, polite staff

Oops..that’s fourteen. You get the idea.