Dr. Spieldoch is trustworthy, personable, skilled and experienced. She has a excellent track record. She gives her patients TLC which was valuable to me as I had never had a pregnancy or any surgery. God has gifted her and she uses her gifts to help women. Dr. Spieldoch was positive as she talked with my husband and me. She didn’t push us to make the decision to go ahead with the D & C and then the hysterectomy. She was positive as she mentioned that I’m a healthy 75 year old woman and that I would recover well and could return to work in a timely fashion. I definitely recommend to women that Dr. Spieldoch would meet their gynecological needs.

Being able to email Savannah with my concerns and questions after and before surgery was really helpful to me. Savannah consistently was prompt in replying. She always showed she authentically wanted to help. She does excellent work as she answers questions and gives instructions. She answers emails and calls quickly. She listens very well and knows just the thing to say and in such a way that the patient is encouraged and supported. Savannah shows patience. She is a compassionate person and knowledgeable.

Liz has always been the nurse who talked with me before seeing Dr. Spieldoch. Liz always listens well, explains things, speaks not too fast and cares about patients.

After the D & C, I went home that afternoon. Dr. Spieldoch was wise as she said “Let’s let Sharon decide if she thinks it would be good to stay overnight at the hospital”.

Sometimes female physicians I have had in the pat seem to not be warm and personable. Dr. Spieldoch is, on the contrary, easy to talk with. She understands the relationship between emotions and the physical reactions. I had anxiety and this showed physically. Dr. Spieldoch did not shame me for being anxious. I felt accepted for the way I am.

I believe that Samantha is a very good person to be at your front area. She shows respect and has a beautiful smile and disposition.

Thank you, Dr. Spieldoch for taking good care of me.